MEA Agency

Music Emerging Artists


MEA Agency

Music Emerging Artists

What is MEA?

MEA is an agency owned by Delma Jag Records which purpose is to provide professional - yet affordable - aid for emerging artists, to stimulate their growth withing the music industry.

What we offer:

- Counselling with an Artist Coach

- Social Media Manager

- Photo Shoots

- Audio / Video Recording 

- Original Music Production

- Music Video Production

MEA Recording

New Contest Format

MEA Recording is a new contest format in collaboration with Delma Jag Records. It consists in a series of studio live acoustic performances from emerging artists. This will give the artist the opportunity to gain more visibility and, moreover, the artist with the biggest number of views, likes, and comments, will have the chance to win a project- contract with Delma Jag Records, which consists in the production, release, and promotion of an original Single.

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