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About Us

The Delma Jag Records is an Independent Record Label and Artists Management based in Lugano (Switzerland).

Delma Jag Records is focus on supporting emerging artists with the aim of being a beacon for emerging artists, being on their side from the beginning. We have been a small label since late 2015.

Delma Jag Records is an extraordinary member of ifpi switzerland.

our music market is in Swiss and Italian territory.


Delma Jag Records was born at the end of 2015 in Lugano (Switzerland) by the founder and CEO Emanuele Cammarata, after years as executive producer, he dedicated himself to this life challenge, with the aim of being a beacon for emerging artists, being on their side from the beginning.
Delma Jag Records is an extraordinary member of Ifpi Switzerland.

At the beginning of 2016 we started with the Delma Jag Records Day to introduce emerging artists to the area, but it wasn't a great result.

From there we took a step back and decided to wait and continue with what surrounds us.

In 2017 we began the collaboration with iGroove Music of which it was then a start up and now one of the leading Swiss digital distributors, we distributed the first EP "Mirror" as Delma Jag Records with Fairy Fails.

In 2018 we begin to create a path that focuses on creating singles with specific messages for the public, from which You Are Not Alone was born

In 2019 comes the first important step of the label of which it releases several singles and two EPs with Muriel, Valentina Rizzi and the song from the records You Are Beautiful by Laeti arrives of which we bring for the first time in the era of 2020 to bring one of our own song with 100 thousand streams on Spotify and 8 million streams on Tik Tok

In 2020 it was the year in which we had to reinvent ourselves due to the Pandemic, so with the Label's aim of being the voice and support of the artists, the Delma Jag House Party was born (in collaboration with Dallas Lovato, of which we are always grateful to her for this format), a series of live streaming concerts from home with artists from around the world. Two singles by Laeti also arrive in 2020 with "Come Stai" and "Fatti Più In La", the single "Mentiras" with Valentina Rizzi and "2020 Da Dimenticare" with Karin Cerini, at the end of the year we will re-brand the Logo for the step following

in 2021 The focus is on the Delma Jag House Party format project, we finally begin to establish an internal plan and the collaboration with the social media Mica Lopez begins with her brand Wap Agency until the beginning of this year. While Laeti abandons the musical scene to dedicate herself to something else and Valentina leaves Delma Jag Records for us it is the end of a cycle and we focus on opening new chapters with new artists after experiences that have made us grow between mistakes and successes. In 2021 we begin to take over the management of an artist for the first time to give a greater step to artists such as the Swiss/Dutch artist Marije.
We are working on several demo productions for the future focused on themes.

In 2022 it is the light of a new beginning and comes a new through to our format Delma Jag House Party which has become our way of scouting, of which the greatest collaborations derive from it and we discover and sign the promising talent Alba of which we decided to take an artist from scratch and start the journey, release "Ciao" and finish the second official season of Delma Jag House Party.

In 2023 is the year of rebirth with Alba we release 3 singles and her debut EP "Non Sono Fragile", we release 3 singles including Jodie Lo (UK) with "Club On Fire", with Mikol Frachey "Cowgirl Dance" and "Io Che Ne So" with Bennyvi of which we open the focus in the Swiss territory which we will delve into in 2024.
The Delma Jag House Party era ends and it will now be called Delma Jag Session with the ideal of going on tour with our flagship artist to make ourselves known and to discover a new emerging talent to the public.

Our current market is Italy and Switzerland, in the future we would like to delve deeper into the UK, becoming a 360° record label with new tasks starting from the creation of a single and ending up producing the concert of the artist we sign.

In 2024 we will focus on the growth Bennyvi (CH) and focus in Swiss Artists, the Delma Jag Session format will begin. In the meantime we have renewed the management contract with Marije and announced the first Ticino group Haara World Music in our roster in management form.

The our goals in the future is 
Organising tours for our artists (Work In Progress)

What matters for Delma Jag Records will always be the artist, listening to her and dealing with important issues including mental health and trying to improve the music industry sector starting at home.

to propose your projects or collaborations contact:

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