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Delma Jag Session

The Delma Jag Sessions was born with the idea of giving emerging artists a space to present their music. We started in 2020 with the pandemic in an online format “Delma Jag House Party” through social networks, and then with the advance of time, we decided it's time for live music.

The evening will be set by a 90' min show in acoustic version with performance of two artists (45' min per artist).

the aim of the Delma Jag Session is to take him around Switzerland to introduce emerging artists in different locations, touching on Italian, French and German Switzerland. With the possibility of the artists from our roster being guests of the live show

the Delma Jag Session will debut on April 20, 2024 in Riva San Vitale (Swiss italian)

stay tuned

First Live - Osteria Teatro Unione - Riva San Vitale (Tessin) - Switzerland

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