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Delma Jag Records was legally founded in 2015 by Emanuele Cammarata. It had been previously operating on the Swiss territory for a couple of years before becoming official. Since the beginning, the idea behind it is to make a change in the music industry, opting for a fairer and healthier approach to both artists and the public. 

In 2016 we have worked on small projects with two artists: Elison and Luca Madonna. 

We started developing a new concept of Meet & Greet called "A Cena Con..." (At Dinner With...) with the prospect of creating a more engaging and exclusive experience for fans to meet their favorite artists. this concept was then discarded.

In 2017 we started a distribution collaboration with iGroove. We've worked on another small project with the band Fairy Falls. We created the playlist "Origin", a compilation of all the projects we're produced. 

2018 was an year of rebirth, we started an online format of interviews called "The Artist Tells" in which emerging artists had the chance to present themselves and what they do. 
We started a collaboration on an EP with the social media star Muriel. 

The single "You Are Not Alone", performed by Laeti, was released, as a first step towards a project to tackle issues of mental health. This led to a further collaboration with Laeti.

2019 was a successful year, Delma Jag Records is a member of IFPI Switzerland.

The release of Muriel's EP and the addition of Valentina Rizzi in our artist list. We rebranded our logo, and we started a collaboration with the American singer Chelsko. 

In 2020 we released several singles including "Come stai" and "Fatti Più In La" by Laeti, Mentiras by Valentina Rizzi and 2020 Da Forget with Karin Cerini (Swiss Artist)

In 2020 the "Delma Jag House Party Concert" format was born and then transformed

In 2021 in "Delma Jag House Party" in collaboration with Triller
a series of concerts streamed exclusively on TrillerTV

this year will be the beginning of a new cycle of artists for Delma Jag Records, initially we collaborate on single projects with different artists (work in progress),
after 2 years the cycle with the artists Laeti and Valentina Rizzi ended, we wish them the best of their careers.

We are working on new international singles and collaborations that will be released later this year.

In 2022 

we have signed the emerging Italian talent alba, of which he released his first single "ciao" in May, we are working on new music for 2023,

while we launched the second season of the Delma Jag House Party, it has also landed on instagram since September

2023 is the year of our artist alba of which she has already released 2 singles and we will continue to prepare music. This year the artist Marije will also be back and several singles will be released with many new collaborations. While the Delma Jag House Party will become Delma Jag Session a live concert format debuting this year

Our Mission: 

The Delma Jag Records believe in that music industry the mental health of every artist is fundamental, as an independent record label and Artist Management it is important to know how to listen to the artist, to hear his needs and to help, above all to plan together with the artists the right balance for it, we know that in every path there are ups and downs, you have to be present especially when things do not go as expected. The Mission is that the artist for each musical project / path has his time to breathe, find and teach the balance between work and leisure to remain united as a family.

We must ensure that the artist continues to love her passion and live it with serenity with herself, without bringing him to hatred and unhappiness! make the difference.

As a small label it will be our priority with each of our artists

we will also seek through our productions in the future to release singles with important themes as has been done in the past with "You Are Not Alone" and "You Are Beautiful"

music is an important communication we believe it can save and help people

Now the next goal is to foucs on local artist management 

History: Chi siamo
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