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Ciao - Alba - Out Now

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27th May 2022

out now the new single "Ciao" by alba available in all digital stores

Ciao out on May 27, 2022, The debut of alba

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09th May 2022

Finally we are happy to announce the first single "ciao" by our artist alba.

The single "Ciao" is actually a letter, which speaks of a relationship (which can be understood both in the sentimental sphere, therefore a shared relationship with another person, and in a purely personal sphere, therefore a relationship with ourselves). Through this report we talk about the need to be able to believe in one's own possibilities and potential. It is a journey through a toxic relationship in which one of the two parties tends to belittle the other and make her believe that she will not be able to achieve her goals. To then arrive at the moment of realization, in which the "injured" party realizes what is happening and decides to take advantage of the pain of breaking up with the other party to gain strength, and not only achieve what they want but what they instill letting go of that person or part of yourself was a gain and not a loss

it will be released on May 27th 2022 on all digital stores

stay tuned for more news

Credits graphics: Francesca Mantero


Presentation - Delma Jag House Party - Season 2


9th Frebruary 2022

The Delma Jag House Party it's back!!

it’s our live streaming format where we offer emerging artists (coming from different countries) to perform through our Triller profile on TrillerTV for a 30 min live set (the artist can perform, has the opportunity to experiment (ideas, covers, original songs, outfits, etc.)) in 2021 we did 23 concerts in streaming between artists from Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, U.K and USA.

The second season will start on February 18, 2022 (exactly one year after the start of the first season) the following artists will perform:

18/2 - Hilde Iren Borge (NOR) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)

25/2 - Mikol Frachey (ITA) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)

04/3 - Salvo (USA) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)/ 2:00 PM (New York Time)

11/3 - Kat & Kelly (USA) - 8:00 PM


Hello 2022

Ragazze che fanno festa

1st January 2022

We have big goals for this year!

- Delma Jag House Party - Season 2 only on TrillerTV

- New music releases (@theredalba , @marijeofficial , etc)

- release our first country track

- New Partnership/new project focus on soundtrack 

- Team Creator

And other and other opportunities that may present themselves to us 

Keep pushing for your dreams and making history together

alba - Ciao.
Marije - Stupid Lie (Official Video)
Karin Cerini -  2020 DA DIMENTICARE
Laeti - You Are Beautiful (Home Video)
Laeti - Come Stai (Vertical Video)
Valentina Rizzi - Ferro e Magnete