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Marije's new single - Miss Perfect

Cover Miss Perfect.png

17th May 2024

Marije's new single "Miss Perfect" is available now in all digital store

Everyone wants to be like her, but below the surface “Miss Perfect” struggles with insecurity and self-doubt. Marije’s latest single is a guitar-fueled indie-rock examination of the masks we wear. Guitars wail and cymbals crash as she sings of a beautiful woman who is falling apart. The track continues the Dutch singer’s rock & roll evolution. Her previous rocking hit “Phantom” was featured on New Music Friday Switzerland and is still receiving airplay and climbing indie charts around the world.

Delma Jag Session Next Live

Delma Jag Session - 2a data - feed.png

01st May 2024

🎶 Delma Jag Session 🎶

We are happy to announce the second date of Delma Jag Session on the June 07, 2024 at the Osteria Teatro Unione, we are grateful to continue this journey from Italian Switzerland and we are grateful for this opportunity thanks to Osteria Teatro Unione .

on the second date we have Valentina Tioli and Amber Rae .✨

Date: 07th June 2024
Artist: Amber Rae (CH) / Valentina Tioli (ITA)
Where: Osteria Teatro Unione, Riva San Vitale
Show: 9:00 PM
booking info: +41916481008 🥩🥂

to enjoy an excellent dinner before and during the musical show

Valentina Tioli (ITA) - Biography:

Valentina is an Indie Pop singer-songwriter with R&B influences, she was among the protagonists of Deejay On stage in Riccione. The artist opened concerts for Sophie and The Giants, Anggun, Dee Dee Bridgewater, duetted on social media with Anastacia his song “Pressione Regolare” which he wrote about Valentina “love her and her vibe”, he published songs with Mr. Rain and Dargen D'Amico and wrote for several artists including Elodie. He won the 2023 Lunezia Nuove Proposte Award with the song “Verde”, produced by Francesco Terrana and written together with Cheope.


Amber Rae (CH) - Biography

Amber Rae started writing poems when she was a little girl. At the age of twelve, she wrote her first song which sparked her love for songwriting and singing. Growing up with an American mother and Swiss father, Amber has always had a love for country music and felt a deep connection with her roots.
In 2020, she released her debut-EP “Ride or Die” and has kicked off her debut album in 2023. It started with the release of her first single, “Come a Little Closer” in September. This song climbed to the top 10 single charts and was number one in the country charts in Switzerland. In the beginning of 2024, Amber released “Homeless”, an emotional country ballad. Her debut album will drop in the fall of 2024. 

With her live band, Amber Rae takes listeners back to her roots and dives in to the world of modern country-pop.

Welcome Haara to Delma Jag Records

05th April 2024

Haara band  welcome to Delma Jag Records, we will follow their management, of which we will support and coordinate their new album.

Haara offers a repertoire between World Music and Fusion
Psychedelic shades.

The band is made up of a fixed core: drums, guitar, bass and vocals,
but more often than not the group welcomes musicians from other countries
reality, both live and in studio projects.

a new challenge and a new musical channel begins for us

take note for upcoming Haara lives:

04/05 - Studio Foce, Lugano
02/06 - Skate Park, Lugano - evento contest
15/06 - Festival Amelie
23/06 - Selva Viva, Turbigo-Milano
06/07 - Kiosk’Art, Neuchâtel

stay tuned 😎

New Music Friday

Bennyvi - Bla Bla Baby - cover.png
Phantom (1).JPG

22nd March 2024

 Delma Jag Records - New Music Friday 


Bennyvi's new single Bla Bla Baby is out now in all digital platforms


Bla bla baby is the second song of Benedetta's musical journey, aka bennyvi. Written and performed in English, with a light melody and a deep meaning. It tells of words said in vain, without reflecting and without thinking about the effects. Useless speeches and words thrown into the wind, of people who speak without ever listening.


ready to dedicate it to someone


Marije returns with her new single "Phantom" out now available on all streaming platforms - she continues her new era


“Phantom" opens on a wall of guitars landing on a high-octane early-2000s inspired alternative rock groove. On the mic Marije sings of the mixed signals she is receiving from the woman she loves.


Happy Friday Release to all 

Delma Jag Session is coming

23rd February 2024

🎶 Delma Jag Session 🎶

We are happy to finally announce the first date of which will be a pilot concert for this new Delma Jag Session format for April 20, 2024 at the Osteria Teatro Unione, we are grateful to begin this journey from Italian Switzerland.
The first two talents on this path are Ginny Loon and Mikol Frachey who will give you a warm evening with their music that will make you dream 💫

Date: 20th April 2024
Artist: Ginny Loon (CH) / Mikol Frachey (ITA)
Where: Osteria Teatro Unione
Show: 9:00 PM
booking info: +41916481008

to enjoy an excellent dinner before and during the musical show

Cover - 2023.jpeg

16th December 2023

Marije's new track "2023" is a powerful rock song with punk undertones and dominant electric guitars that digs deep into the theme of a dysfunctional relationship. The song reflects the challenges of misunderstandings, unspoken feelings and the difficulty of managing emotions. The text takes a look into the future, to the year 2063, and asks the question whether crucial mistakes were made in 2023. “2023” speaks an emotional language that many of us can relate to. The mix of rock and punk elements gives the song a rebellious flavor and a raw, unfiltered energy.

the song is available on all digital stores

Io Che Ne So - Bennyvi (1).png

Bennyvi debutta con "Io Che Ne So"

“Io che ne so” it is the debut song of bennyvi, the stage name of Benedetta, an artist born in 2002. This is the first song of her musical journey. A journey that has just begun that aims to explore new dimensions and communicate the essence of the emotions she feels through music. “Io che ne so” is a city street, where questions and answers seek each other, intersect, escape and finding them is the listener's task, through her personal experience.

Copertina Fronte.jpg

debut EP "Non Sono Fragile" by alba is out now

17th November 2023

the debut EP "Non Sono Fragile" is out now


after two years of work and 4 singles released, alba's first important milestone is about to be revealed

While waiting for the release, everyone go and listen it

Listen Now

feed (1).png

New Music Friday

27th October 2023

🎶 New Music Friday 🎶

for the first time in our history we release two singles on the same day is new music friday for Delma Jag Records

Lunedì 💣by alba

Cowgirl Dance 🤠 by Mikol Frachey

both songs is out now and available on all digital platforms

Happy new music friday

Cover Lunedì.png

Alba's new single "Lunedi"

24th October 2023

Alba's new single "Lunedì" will be out on Friday 27/20 - Are You Ready?

Pre-save now

Cover Cowgirl Dance.png

Cowgirl Dance by Mikol Frachey

24th October 2023

The cowgirl is in the town, the pop/country era is begin

Cowgirl Dance by Mikol Frachey arrive on October 27th, 2023 on all digital platforms

are you ready

Pre-saw now


Here comes country pop with Mikol Frachey

11th Augusto 2023

Delma Jag Records had been looking for a country artist for a long time to release a country pop track that had been on standby for too long and Mikol Frachey answered the call (pictured with our trusted producer Sam), we are so proud of the result he is going out and we can't wait to let you all hear it, thinking of a country dance that we can all dance together in a carefree way

the first contacts with Mikol were born when he participated in our streaming format Delma Jag House Party, thanks to this format several collaborations with different artists were born

stay tuned


Club On Fire by Jodie Lo it's OUT Now

21st July 2023

Club On fire it's out now in all digital stores

For Jodie the song signifies when you go out to the club and search for a stranger to fall in love with for the evening. The lyric 'Pour Whiskey Down Your Broken Heart' and 'Fall in love was with me, so dangerous, so dangerous' was very relatable to me because I have had periods in my life where I was broken hearted and to numb the pain I would go out to the club and enjoy dancing with strangers in the hope that I could capture their attention and be in love for the evening. I didn't care much about who they were either, which I know sounds so toxic, but I was desperate for their attention and I know I'm not the only one who did this to cope with heartbreak haha. 

Growing up I drew inspiration from Lady Gaga, who was a pioneer of the modern Dance Pop Genre and have always been told I have a strong soulful vocal, like the British artist Duffy. A combination of these factors led me to want to bring my soulful vocal to the dance pop genre and put my own stamp on it. Vocally I have experimented with a pitch belt in the background of the second and third chorus which I think emphasise the elation of being in the club but also crying out for love. My choice of adlibs I hope also reflects this emotion.

Are you ready to dive into the track and get carried away by this energy?

The Club's On fire - Jodie Lo.png

New Music Alert

21nd June 2023

We are happy to announce that the collaboration with the artist Jodie Lo (UK) has brought to light the single "Club On Fire" to be released on July 21st 2023 in all digital stores

a project born between Italy, Switzerland and UK with the collaboration with our trusted Italian producer Sam Lover, with the addition of arrangement and lyrics writing by Corinne Galli from Switzerland with the support also of the CEO of Delma Jag Records (Emanuele Cammarata) for what it concerns the lyrics and then recorded it in Brighton by Jodie Lo in Tayo's studio

the song is about the feeling you get when you fall in love and have a crush it is compared to fire because love gives you sparks heat, you have to keep this flame active, if the power of fire decreases it means broken hearts...but your heart will continue to love and explain with this sound dance that love is a roller coaster and as you live inside this club of love is on fire

Are you ready to dance in the clubs and light up your summer?

Stay tuned

Alba - backstage - No 7.jpg

Thank you to support alba

10th June 2023

we are really satisfied with alba's journey and with your support on the latest single No, continue to stream the song and share it with your friends and participate with your friends in the No challenge on Tik Tok, to challenge them with dance shots
In the meantime alba will return to the recording studio to complete his first EP
Stay tuned

sma 2023.jpg

Swiss Music Awards 2023

24th May 2023

it's always an honor to be invited to the Swiss Music Awards 2023 and to share the experience with our artist alba, observe the direction of the Swiss music industry and congratulate the awarded artists, in June there will be many news and stay tuned

Cover - alba - no.png

No is alba's third single to be released on April 21, 2023

13rd April 2023

No is alba's third single to be released on April 21, 2023

This song is the story of all the "no" received, in business and personal dress. But also of
those that we tell ourselves every day, whether it is because we have been taught that some things
you have to say "no" because I'm not what others expect "dentro questa storia c’è chi non mi fa parlare" Or why we are sometimes afraid to say "yes" to what is not completely
conventional, or to something that could turn our lives upside down.
"No" recounts the attempt to get out of this vicious circle "scrivo un’altra storia che non vieti di sognare, ma gira e rigira non è mai un vero si". It's a mix between not being afraid to face the
difficulties that will arise "spero ormai da anni in una botta di fortuna, la ruota si è incastrata si ma io non ho paura", and the fear of confessing one's desires out loud "e no non te lo dico 
sennò poi non si avvera".

Loi Gray.jpg

Loi Gray (ESP) - Delma Jag House Party - Season 3

27 March 2023

tonight the second concert of the third season of the Delma Jag House Party with Loi Gray (ESP) at 9:00 PM on our IG page we are waiting for you


Delma Jag House Party - Season 3

20th March 2023

The Delma Jag House Party returns tonight for season three
it will be divided between streaming and live concerts (we are organizing 4 dates during this year) to take this format to the next step or to present emerging artists to the public
tonight we start with the young artist Bennyvi (CH) at 09:00 PM on our instagram page
We look forward to seeing many of you online


"Odiarti Anch'io" the new single by alba

17th February 2023

Odiarti Anch'io is the new single of alba is out now on all digital stores.

Having something to say to a person after a fight or after a breakup is something I believe brings many people together. "Odiarti Anchio" comes from this, from the lack of possibility of reply. This is a set of emotions that go against each other, the awareness of having lost something harmful, but the desire to be able to go back to living those beautiful moments that they even managed not to make you see how rotten the person you were living them with was. "Odiarti Anch'io" tells a story, a story of manipulation and 'psychological terrorism'. A person in a moment of fragility who is manipulated to make him 'addicted' to another person, whose goal is to make them feel inadequate and nullified when they don't they are more together: "Senza noi dimmi cosa ti resta" But it is also the story of someone who tries to open your eyes to stop imagining something that doesn't exist, and be able to find, looking at the reality of the facts, a reason not to feel that love anymore.


Happy New Year 

01 January 2023

Delma Jag Records wishes you a happy 2023

this year we aim to release lots of music, new collaborations/partnerships and expand our network.

wish to continue to follow your dreams to all artists and together improve the music industry make every artist happy and peaceful in their path in the music industry, be able to give a healthy environment for artists

Delma Jag Records


Thank you 2022

31 December 2022

Our 2022

We are back to releasing music with our amazing Alba which we are working on to continue building this journey together (coming soon)

For the first time we received the invitation to the M4Music Festival and the live return to the SWISS music awards so many emotions

We explored to learn and observe Interlaken Country Festival and ZURICH Open Air

The streaming concert project Delma Jag House Party had its second season, who knows in the new year we will be able to bring it live

We continue to work in this music industry to improve ourselves, expand collaborations, partnerships, grow the roster and improve this sector through our vision where the artist must be first, make him feel at home and create a work team

Thank you 2022, see you in 2023 with lots of new music


Delma Jag Records

Merry Christmas.png

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

23rd December 2022

Delma Jag Records wishes you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays

we wish you to spend these days with your family, with the people you love, to listen to good music, to be able to relax and be at peace with your mind

continue to support music, every artist you appreciate, every listening counts, every time you go to a concert counts, it gives value to every artist's journey, for their every sacrifice, to continue dreaming doing what they love

Big Hug


Delma Jag Records


This monday the last Delma Jag House Party of the year

03rd December 2022

Monday the Delma Jag House Party is back in the "Christmas Edition" 🎄🍹🎶 version and we are pleased to have the fantastic singer Salvo (USA) 🫶

Date: 05th December 2022
Time: 09:00 PM (Switzerland Time)
Where: on our Instagram page

This is the last live stream of this second season

I thank all the audience who followed the live shows of this second season and took the time to listen to the proposed talent

We won't know if there will be a third season, but they have been two fantastic years in which many talents from different countries have been discovered

Jodie Lo.jpg

This Monday Jodie Lo (UK) for Delma Jag House Party

11th November 2022

Delma Jag House Party time next Monday, 14th November 2022 9:00 PM (Switzerland Time) with @jodielo_music from UK 💫🎶 in our Instagram page 🎶

Save the date 🫶

Bio - Jodie Lo:

Hailing from Leicestershire, UK, Jodie Lo is an up and coming singer-songwriter who aims to grace your ears with playful pop melodies and strong vocal lines.
Sonically her current style could be compared to the early works of Gabriella Cilmi, Sara Bareilles and Eliza Doolittle, though Jodie is adamant not to be restrained by one genre.
Inspired by artists such as Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse. Jodie took up singing and playing the guitar in 2020 during the national lockdowns. A need to creatively express the human experience led Jodie to begin writing songs, with her pop debut Daisy Chains (April 2022) being a reflection of the early feelings of love in a relationship. Her latest track, Perpetually Confused, is more indie pop in style and serves as an ode to being torn between a conventional career and following your true passion. Through her music Jodie aims to both provide an escape for the listener and share the relatable experiences of a 20 something.

Jodie Lo is just beginning to break out of her musical shell, with a number of public performances under her belt and her sights set on producing a body of work representative of her experiences in her early 20s. 2023 is set to be an even bigger year for this emerging artist.

Red Lips Demon - Pictures.jpg

Delma Jag House Party is back, this monday Red Lips Demon (ESP)

04th November 2022

The Delma Jag House Party is back, this monday 7th November at 9:00 PM live stream on our IG page with Red Lips Demon (ESP)


Born in Seville, Red Lips Demon is a 26-year-old singer, actress and writer still trying to figure out who she is. From blues to rock and roll, she loves any kind of music, especially deep songs, always showing her feelings to the listener. 

She started singing at little stages in bars joining blues jam sessions since she was 21, especially Amy Winehouse covers, improving her technique thanks to her vocal coach, Silvana Sosto. Before moving to Madrid, she gave her first concert, called One Last Blues, with her guitarist Chiqui Mingo in June, 2021. 

She´s been a theatre actress for five years, even starring in a play wrote by herself in 2019. She has also written hundreds of songs that are waiting to be heard. 

Now she lives in Madrid, trying to start a new musical project with her friend @buenrumboamarte_music, who is a singer, guitarist and pianist. 

Finally, and above all, she is always open to new opportunities. 


This Friday! Dany Horovitz (CAN)

28th September 2022

It's Delma Jag House Party week, this friday with Dany Horovitz (CAN) - 8:00 PM Switzerland Time

Born in Montreal, Dany Horovitz is no stranger to the Canadian music scene; with his grandfather owning a record store on St Hubert, Horovitz was exposed early and often to the albums of Canadian music legends like Leonard Cohen and Barenaked Ladies. 

“Anyone who graduates from McGill with an aspiration to be a songwriter is forever chasing Leonard Cohen,” Horovitz says, who cites Cohen as his biggest lyrical inspiration. He’s quick to add, “No one’s complaining about it, mind you. Everyone’s chasing somebody, so may so you may as chase the best that ever was.”

A FACTOR artist development grant assisted Horovitz in creating and producing the debut album Free Times — which has seen radio play across Canada, the UK, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, and more.

HD_Alma Cilurzo mit Chili seitlich Foto by Sascha Kohler (1).JPG

This Friday! Alma Cilurzo (CH) - Delma Jag House Party - 8:00 PM

21nd September 2022

Delma Jag House Party - Season 2

It’s Delma Jag House Party week, this friday with Alma Cilurzo (CH) 8:00 PM Swizerland Time #savethedate

Alma Cilurzo is a Swiss based Singer Songwriter with Italian roots. Her nickname “Chili” became her own musical brand (aka the singer with pep).

Her style can be described as "upbeat music in a vintage dress" with a twist of Retro Soul and Jazz. 

Her biggest achievement is the price RadioChico Future star 21, where she won her first award and a professional music video production for her Electro Swing Single FREAK.

Alma has perfomed with various artists such as Eric Lee, Peter Wespi and Phil Dankner. Her band pocket jukebox lined up at Jazz Tage Lenk, Jazzclub Zofingen and Jazz Club Jona.

She livestreams regularly with her own music program #rawmusic 
As solo Artist Alma performs with her Piano and Ukulele.


Sophie Auster (USA) - Delma Jag House Party - 8:00 PM

16th September 2022

Tonight the Delma Jag House Party returns the second part of the second season, the live will be live on Instagram, tonight we have the honor of hosting the singer Sophie Auster on our page.

Sophie Auster has produced three LP’s and two EP’s over her career and released her latest EP entitled, “Dancing with Strangers”, on May 6th, 2022, produced by Nicholas Block out of Los Angeles. Auster’s music is replete with fantasy and escapism, a sonic fusion of bluesy folk-pop with cabaret dramatics reminiscent of Lana Del Rey and Sara Bareilles. The New York Time’s called her "sultry and folksy,” with “soul-(and teeth-) baring lyrics...that’s drawn comparisons to Fiona Apple and Gillian Welch.” Elle Magazine dubbed her “Auster on Fire.” Before lockdown, Auster spent the better part of 2019 putting out new music and touring the US and Europe. Her last full length album, Next Time, was released in April 2019 through BMG worldwide and the EP, History Happens at Night, came out later that year on November 1st (BMG). She spent that summer opening for, Rock & Roll Hall of fame inductee, Bryan Ferry and then headed back to Europe for her own headlining tour. 

She has won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Singer of the year award in Spain, has been featured in publications such as Rolling Stone, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Billboard, and many more. She was also the Grand Prize winner of the John Lennon Songwriting contest and graced the cover of French Elle in 2020.

#DelmaJagHouseParty - Feed (1).png

Delma Jag House Party - Season 2 - second part

10 September 2022

The Delma Jag House Party - Season 2 it's back in this second part the project lands on instagram on our profile

16th September 2022 - Sophie Auster (USA) - 8:00 PM

23rd September 2022 - Alma Cilurzo (CH) - 8:00 PM

30th September 2022 - Dany  Horovitz (CAN) - 8:00 PM

updates of new shows coming soon

out now (1).png

Ciao - Alba - Out Now

27th May 2022

out now the new single "Ciao" by alba available in all digital stores

Cover Alba - Ciao - PNG.png

Ciao out on May 27, 2022, The debut of alba

09th May 2022

Finally we are happy to announce the first single "ciao" by our artist alba.

The single "Ciao" is actually a letter, which speaks of a relationship (which can be understood both in the sentimental sphere, therefore a shared relationship with another person, and in a purely personal sphere, therefore a relationship with ourselves). Through this report we talk about the need to be able to believe in one's own possibilities and potential. It is a journey through a toxic relationship in which one of the two parties tends to belittle the other and make her believe that she will not be able to achieve her goals. To then arrive at the moment of realization, in which the "injured" party realizes what is happening and decides to take advantage of the pain of breaking up with the other party to gain strength, and not only achieve what they want but what they instill letting go of that person or part of yourself was a gain and not a loss

it will be released on May 27th 2022 on all digital stores

stay tuned for more news

Credits graphics: Francesca Mantero


Presentation - Delma Jag House Party - Season 2

9th Frebruary 2022

The Delma Jag House Party it's back!!

it’s our live streaming format where we offer emerging artists (coming from different countries) to perform through our Triller profile on TrillerTV for a 30 min live set (the artist can perform, has the opportunity to experiment (ideas, covers, original songs, outfits, etc.)) in 2021 we did 23 concerts in streaming between artists from Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, U.K and USA.

The second season will start on February 18, 2022 (exactly one year after the start of the first season) the following artists will perform:

18/2 - Hilde Iren Borge (NOR) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)

25/2 - Mikol Frachey (ITA) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)

04/3 - Salvo (USA) - 8:00 PM (Switzerland Time)/ 2:00 PM (New York Time)

11/3 - Kat & Kelly (USA) - 8:00 PM

Ragazze che fanno festa

Hello 2022

1st January 2022

We have big goals for this year!

- Delma Jag House Party - Season 2 only on TrillerTV

- New music releases (@theredalba , @marijeofficial , etc)

- release our first country track

- New Partnership/new project focus on soundtrack 

- Team Creator

And other and other opportunities that may present themselves to us 

Keep pushing for your dreams and making history together

Marije - Toxic Love (Official Video)
alba - NO
alba - Ciao.
Marije - Stupid Lie (Official Video)
Karin Cerini -  2020 DA DIMENTICARE
Laeti - You Are Beautiful (Home Video)
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