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Switzerland - Dutch singer and model Marije started singing at the age of 4 and held her first concert 2 years later. You may know her from several reality shows such as "Kay One Sängerin Gesucht" (RTL2) or "Limits" (SRF).

While living in Switzerland, she met Geo slam in Zurich. Marije then went to Stockholm to record some songs. She has signed a contract with Geo Slam and her label XCX Artists. After a year and a half with the music label XCX Artists, Marije decided to quit working with the label and started doing her own thing. In August 2020 she released her own song "Breaking Free".

After leaving the label, Marije took some time to focus on herself and to write some new songs. She started working with producer Ari-Zona and released several songs such as "Ocean Tower" and "Fiasco".

Delma Jag Records now collaborates with Marije only as management, they will support the artist for the promotions of her singles.

On August 21, 2021 Marije releases the new single "Stupid Lie" of which we take care of the promotion of the song

Marije returns with a new single after the maternity break, "Toxic Love" (released on June 23rd on all streaming platforms)  is an electronic and danceable song with disco-pop/house influences. The song has a progressive build up to a dominant 808. "Toxic Love" speaks to our deepest emotions and desires - it captures what it feels like to be totally captivated and consumed by a passionate love, even if it can end up hurting us. This song is a powerful anthem that expresses the complicated nature of relationships. The song is the perfect mix of emotions and soulful energy and will completely captivate the listener in 3 minutes.

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